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Our MALLET Solid Body Deodorant and Cologne is an engaging and refreshing scent that is both a body deodorant and a solid cologne.  Ph Balanced and Anti Microbial to stop odor at its source.  Baking Soda, Alcohol, Aluminum Free and Petroleum Free.  Travels well without the need for 2 products. 


Directions For Use: Use  on pulse points, under arms, bottoms of feet.  Heat Activated to provide all day odor control and fragrance.  Touch Free Application.   Reapply as desired. 


For External Use Only.  If Irritation Develops, Discontinue Use and Consult a Physician.


NOTE:  The fragrance notes in this product change and adapt with your body chemistry and body activity. Goes On Clear, No Residue, Non Yellowing and Non Staining Performance.


Use with our Utility Body Powders, other Solid Body Deodorants and Colognes, our 4 in1 Utility Bars, and Our 3 IN 1 Washes for a complete fragrance and deodorant enhancement with our Daily Escentials Collections; layer, mix or match for a True Signature Scent™ that's uniquely yours. 


*To Layer This Cologne With Another Solid Cologne, Simply Reapply Over The Same Area This Product Was Applied.



This item is nonreturnable.


True Utility For True Performance®

MALLET Solid Body Deodorant and Cologne

SKU: 1058

Our MALLET Solid Body Deodorant and Cologne is an intriguing and multi-faceted scent.  Lavender, blended with the  fresh scent of woods, and subtle Coriander to complete this fragrance.

In a Lavender, Cedarwood, Coriander scent, that pairs well with:

METAL Utility Body Powder (Lavender, Desert Sandalwood and Amber Moss Scent);

METAL Shower, Shave and Shampoo Bar (Mahogany, Sandalwood, and Lavender Scent);

CELSIUS 3 In 1 Wash (Black Pepper, Clove, and Patchouli Scent);

AUROUS 3 In 1 Wash (Anise, White Musk, and Sandalwood Scent);

REFINED Shower Shave and Shampoo Bar (White Musk, Ginger and White Tea Scent).

average rating is 4 out of 5

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