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A Better Beard Starts With a Better Beard Oil.  Our nourishing anti-microbial and anti-fungal utility beard oil contains 10 premium organic oils.  Packs easily and travels well in a durable bottle. 2 oz container with disc cap for easy shake performance and no awkward droppers. The Better Beard Oil™


AS A PRESHAVE OIL:  Apply 3 to 4 drops on to fingertips; smooth over areas to be shaved; apply shaving soap or cream and shave as usual.  Follow with hot towel or cleansing;  then apply BRACING AFTERSHAVE TONER and QUENCH CALMING AFTERSHAVE BALM.


AS A POST SHAVE AND BEARD OIL: Apply a few drops on to fingertips; then smooth in a downward motion on to beard, chin and cheeks. Massage gently into the skin to moisturize; brush with comb or beard brush downward to smooth. Use more or less to preference.  Can be used daily, day or night.


ADDED BONUS: Can be used as a pre shampoo hair and scalp conditione;  apply 3 or 4 drops onto fingertips, working into scalp. Leave on for 1 minute, then shampoo as usual; or smooth 3 or 4 drops over face and apply a layer of our QUENCH Calming Aftershave Balm and Moisturizer for extra moisturization.


If irritation develops, discontinue use and consult a physician.  For External Use Only.


True Utility For True Performance®

RIGOR Temperance Beard Oil For Preshave Postshave and Beard

SKU: 1012

RIGOR Temperance Beard Oil is an Alpine Forest inspired scent, accented with Basil, Armoise, Lemon and Juniper.  An herbaceous middle leads to base notes of Blue Cedar, Pine, and Cypress.  In a Woodlands scent that pairs well with:


RIGOR Bracing Aftershave Toner (Woodlands Scent);


FORTITUDE Shampoo (Amber Tobacco Scent);


FORTITUDE  Conditioner (Amber Leather Scent);


ENDURE Artisan Forged Shower, Shave and Shampoo Bar (Cedarwood, Sage and Cypress Scent);


REFINED Artisan Forged Shower, Shave and Shampoo Bar (Peppermint and Green Tea Scent);


CINDER Artisan Forged Shower, Shave and Shampoo Bar (Bergamot, Clove and Cypress Scent);


EDGE 3 in 1 Wash (Vetiver, Sandalwood and Amber Musk)