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   Precision in Men's Grooming  



We carry a comprehensive line of men's performance based utility grooming and shaving products.   All of our products are designed with True Utility For True Performance  to  work together synergistically with your body chemistry to create your own signature scent and usage profile to streamline your daily grooming and shaving routine.  Each product page provides a detailed scent profile, product information, and listed ingredients, as well as suggested item pairings; or, you can create your own pairings to master your day with your own every day essentials For a more specific and coordinated list of pairings, we have done the work for you with our Signature Collections


Just as iron sharpens iron, our products were created to compliment user experience to forge your best.  They contain only ethically derived natural, vegan, certified raw organic, and botanical  ingredients, including RSPO Certified Sustainable Palm Oil, for a complete sensory and all natural grooming experience.   All of our products have undergone strict testing in the manufacturing process and are produced under FDA guidelines in fully compliant, registered and certified facilities, and a separate microsoapery facility.  Some of our products contain non organic ingredients for the purpose of formulation and to prolong shelf life.  For a full list of each product's ingredients, please visit the corresponding product page.  

Cruelty free, no parabens, sulfates, chemical surfactants, animal by products, hormones, or phthalates.  BPA free recyclable containers.  All products are sold and shipped direct from our facility to protect the integrity and safety of our products; and  are proudly Forged In The USA. Men's Grooming Made Better.






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