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Our ENDURE Artisan Forged Shower, Shave and Shampoo Bar is the perfect way to start your morning, with an invigorating fragrant scent.   Fortified with organic Olive, Avocado, and Coconut oils that help protect skin against the effects of free radicals that can cause premature aging. Softens  and smooths the skin, while  relieving itchiness and irritation.  Kaolin clay acts as a refining agent and an ideal ingredient for slip in shaving soap.  This bar has a ph of 6.0 to 6.5 for complete use on hair, skin and beard and optimal odor prevention and control.


Directions For Use:  As a shower,  shampoo and beard wash; apply directly to wet skin, hair or beard.  Work into desired lather.  Rinse completely.  Use with our Solid Body Deodorants and Colognes, our Utility Body Powders,  and Our 3 in 1 Washes for a complete fragrance and deodorant enhancement with our Daily Escentials™ Collection ; layer, mix or match for a True Signature Scent™ that's uniquely yours.


As a shaving bar:  slice a 1/2 inch thick piece into a shaving cup; add 1 tablespoon of  water, using shaving brush, stir rapidly until lather forms and peaks develop.  Apply to skin prepped with our TEMPERANCE BEARD OIL. Shave as usual. 


If Irritation Develops, Discontinue Use And Consult A Physician.  For External Use Only.


Rugged and made to last for up to 30 days or more, depending on usage.  Anti-microbial and anti-fungal for optimal skin protection and odor control.   A 4 in 1 utility bar. The Better Men's Bar®

NOTE:  We recommend using a draining soap dish to allow your bar to dry naturally and extend the life of your bar, to help prolong its scent and lathering integrity.


This item is nonreturnable. This item is for 1 bar only.


True Utility For True Performance®

ENDURE Artisan Forged Shower, Shave and Shampoo Bar

SKU: 1004
Our ENDURE bar is a smooth and fragrant Sandalwood that's heightened by the scent of White Musk and Heliotrope, creating an intensely fragrant and masculine bar.
In a Desert Sandalwood, White Musk and Heliotrope Scent that pairs well with:
FAHRENHEIT 2200 3 in 1 Wash (Citron, Bamboo and Amber Musk Scent);
MALLET Solid Body Deodorant and Cologne (Lavender, Cedar and Coriander Scent);
DAMASCUS Solid Body Deodorant and Cologne (Bergamot, Lavender Rose, and Amber Musk Scent);
METAL Utility Body Powder (Lavender, Desert Sandalwood, and Amber Moss Scent)
CELSIUS 3 in 1 WASH (Black Pepper, Clove,  and Patchouli Scent).









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